Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Brother-in Law stopped by the other day to "help" trim the big ol' cherry apple blossom tree plant that's been taking over the driveway and electric lines at my house. He just happened to have his chainsaw in the mini van with him that day. I knew I was in for more than was necessary.

Also, he conveniently left before the power company guy arrived so the guy's looking at me like I'm the idiot.

Asks, "You didn't do this, did you?"

The overhanging limb was being cut far from the offending power lines ... when we started. There was one nub of a precut limb from previous years trimming that might hang on the lines, otherwise, the limb should just have fallen. Well, just to make sure the limb clears I see he's got a rake to try and push with. Sparks fly and several popping sounds later ... Couldn't have tangled it in there better if it'd been done on purpose.