Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Very Satisfied

First, I'd like to thank Ezra (iTunes Store Customer Support) for cueing a previous iTunes purchase so I could download it again. "Yay!" Luckily, I think I've unwittingly lost or deleted only one purchased music file. Overall, how satisfied was I with my recent support experience? Very Satisfied.

Quoted from Customer Support email:

"Dear Kenneth, I'm sorry to hear that you lost your iTunes Store purchase. I know how distressing that can be, so I've made the content you lost available for you to download again, free of charge. Please understand that Apple does not offer protection against the loss of your purchases, so this is a one-time exception."

My suggestion, sent to Apple in an online follow up survey for the iTMS, is to simply allow previous purchases to be re-downloaded as long as the users account still actively exists and, of course, the file content is available. All the account info is kept so as long as Apple can and does legally sell a particular file (music or video) why not? The data is still subject to the same DRM so "let it be" ... Oh yeah, those guys' record company still think people confuse computers with them.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Free fill dirt!

Memorial Drive @ I-285 … behind the jail.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lost Works of Art

I got a call this AM from a customer who needs an image of a shirt I did for them a while back. Now, I keep everything ... But I cannot find a trace of this one anywhere!!! All I seem to have are the two obscure check stubs from her clients as payment for the print job. Nothing from her, no artwork or records specific to the actual job! Out of all the junk and nitpicky stuff I save I find it strange that this entire job's work and records are missing. What the hail?

PS: I actually found a printed shirt from that project in my giant pile o'shirts! I could scan it, but, I'll recreate it instead. The map was still available online and with a little modifying shouldn't be difficult to recreate the print.