Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bohemian Inline Skating

I gotta do some shirts for Bohemian Skate School's Decatur Parks and Rec inline skating summer camp and I have no idea what color or anything to use. All I can picture is just black graphics on plain white tees ... that's no good, is it? *Uhg*

This is the full color logo from the Decatur, GA Website.

Here's the final graphic that was created for the city of Decatur's (Georgia) McKoy Skate Camp 2006. Superduper thanks go out to Graphic Designer Marie of Art Studio Five in Boca Raton, Florida for correctly identifying the typeface used. I was told everyone liked it and the city's park directors even asked where their shirts were! ¡ Woo-Hoo !

This version of the Bohemian Skate School logo went on the back of the T-shirts.


Birdie said...

Somehow surfed on in here doing a search for an old friend I used to skate with in Decatur. I used to live there, oh, ten years ago. I've done the Athens to Atlanta (or is it vice versa? Geeze, I don't remember) several times. Good times. I live in rural New Mexico now, where you take your life into your hands if you hit the streets with your skates. Pothole mania! Doesn't stop me, though! I'm just getting better at jumping. Cheers.

Kenny J Lowry said...

birdie? Who were you looking for?

Li Mortacci Tua said...

Nice graphic, go ahead and post up all your graphics and logos in this blog.

Li Mortacci Tua said...

Oh yeah and you need to link my blog. Thank you in advance.