Friday, September 05, 2008

The Athens To Atlanta Roadkskate 2008

Fall is the time of year to test all that fitness training for many skaters. A final endurance blowout before the Holidays and coming winter. Yes, two-thousand and eight marks the 27th "official" A2A Ultramarathon Roadskate.

This is the final 2008 T-shirt design. The skating figure should look familiar to l-o-n-g time participants and volunteers as it is taken from a scan of an early T-shirt design. For the first dozen or so events the year and colors were what changed most when it came to designing the prized T-shirt and complimentary trophy mug. A little nostalgia and nod to the history of the annual 87 mile jaunt on the open road is what I'm trying to show with this concept.


Janice Phillips said...

I love it! I remember the day I passed on the image to be used for the first time as an A 2 A shirt design. We also used it for Skate Escape t's.

The skater is Tom Peterson, (founder of Hyper). Photo is from the cover of Skater Magazine from the 80's. He was a World Champion Speed Skater for at least 5 years.

Great choice Ken. Take care.

Skate Escape

Kenny J said...